Technology Company for Chemical Industries

TECHNO PAINT founded in 1998 under the name “Technology Co. for Chemical Industries S.A.E”
Techno Paint is a leading company in the manufacturing of high-value performance chemicals,
specialized in the production of Printing, Coatings, paints “Wood coatings – Refinish automotive
– Decorative paints – Industrial paints – Special purpose chemical”
The company produces paints under the brand name “Techno Paint - The Spirit of Innovation”
It also produces printing inks under the brand name “Techno Print - The Spirit of Innovation”
The company has high performance teamwork with extant experience that provides the highest
level of quality products, also R&D section in all our departments continues the development of
company products to achieve internal and external market requirements by using the latest
We strive for manufacturing environmentally friendly products to help sustain our environment
Due to the Company’s belief that human resources are one of its basics, we are preparing the
required courses and training programs to development our human resources team to be
able to match the latest technology requirements, to ascend the company’s scientific level
of technical and administrative work. All of that will provide the required scientific level to
reach high quality products to achieve customer satisfaction.